Codecamp Iasi 24-hour Hackathon, starting 19 May 5:00 PM
How to develop a "habit of learning"

Codecamp Iasi Hackathon

What do we want to achieve

Simple, cheap solutions (apps, idea, campaigns etc) that encourage the day to day learning of practically useful information.
That can be developed quickly and used by people with an average tech familiarity to help them solve day to day problems.
E.g.: students choosing the best courses, professionals upskilling easily, learn to fix stuff around the house, ways of investing your money etc.
Doesn't necessarily have to be a whole new system with its own content and distribution network, can just be ways of encouraging people to use other existing learning systems, online and offline.

The bottom line:
Encourage people to develop a "habit of learning" with fast and pragmatic results, that help them in their day to day lives.

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Why hacking with us:
  • be an active part of creating a culture of learning together another 50+ passionate people
  • get a FREE ticket to the Codecamp International Conference on the 12th of May
  • be one of the two winning teams (max. 5 members) and get 1000 EUR per team

Judging Criteria

Practical innovation
We’re looking for ideas that solve specific problems that are now unsolved. We’re not necessarily looking for “changing the nature of learning” type of ideas. Innovate by coming up with easy, practical, cheap fixes for real, common problems. Don’t think only about students, academia or (IT) professionals. Teach people how to do stuff around the house. How to fix their bike. How to use the internet to learn new things. Concrete improvements in people’s lives. Focus on ideas that can provide a clear, direct and as immediate as possible benefit to some well defined categories of users/clients. May be of help to focus on what you know best, i.e. people from Iași/Romania, learning needs from Iași/Romania.
You have something workable at the end of the hackathon that is as close as possible to a public beta. The closer the better.
Your idea/app doesn’t require extraordinary circumstances in order to be successful (e.g. you rely the education system to radically change, or the government to be very different than it is now, or some other hard to achieve precondition)
It’s encouraged to demonstrate knowledge (ideally first hand or by interviews) in the problem you’re trying to solve. If, for example, you’re trying to help unemployed people from small towns acquire new skills and find a job, it would help to show that you have an understanding of the economical and social dynamics around the problem you’re trying to solve, and are not just proposing an abstract “here’s a list of useful courses for them” app.
When you launch your application, how quickly will you be able to determine if it’s working, if it’s gaining traction? Be able to answer questions such as “what adoption rates do you expect?”, “what is the expected impact and how quickly?” etc.

An indicative agenda of the event can be consulted here.


Hackathon Partners

KPMG Romania


Vasile Alecsandri 3, 700054, Iasi, Romania

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