Join a two day intensive hands-on training with a software development expert based in Munich

About the training

Continuous Delivery is all the hype these days. This training makes it a reality. We start with an overview of what Continuous Delivery is and how it can help you. We then quickly dive into the details. You will learn what it takes to architect a Java application so that it can be delivered continuously into production, with code, configuration and database delta, multiple times a day, with Zero Downtime.

Buckle up! This class is intensive and hands-on. You build an entire Java web app to the point where it deploys continuously, with zero downtime. We tackle the hard problems with a battle-tested approach you will be able to apply immediately.

If you are an architect or a developer and want to gain a solid understanding of the techniques you need to make Continuous Delivery and Zero Downtime a success, this training is for you.


Over the course of these two days, we will cover:

Introduction to Continuous Delivery

  • What is Continuous Delivery
  • Where does it fit in
  • Prerequisite techniques

Automated Testing

  • Tests as risk reduction
  • Fast feedback by test categorization
  • Acceptance tests and the page object pattern

Continuous Integration and Releases

  • CI Server and Artifact Repository
  • Rethinking versions and releases
  • Automated deployment

Configuration and Environments

  • Dealing with multiple environments
  • Environment Detection
  • Rethinking configuration



Database Migrations

  • The challenges with database changes
  • Database Migrations
  • Pitfalls and alternatives to rollback

Keeping software releasable

  • Keeping software releasable at all times
  • Features toggles
  • Expand and contract

Zero Downtime

  • The challenges with state
  • Rethinking Sessions
  • Integration with Load Balancers

Immutable Infrastructure

  • The future of application delivery
  • Self-identifying software
  • Immutable Infrastructure

The trainer

Entrepreneur, public speaker and software development expert.

Axel is the founder and CEO of Boxfuse GmbH. Boxfuse turns your JVM app into a secure & immutable machine image in seconds, which can be run both on your laptop and in the cloud.

He is also the founder and project lead of Flyway, the open-source database migration tool.

Additionally he regularly speaks at many large international conferences including JavaOne, Devoxx, Jfokus, JavaZone, JAX, ...

You can find him on Twitter as @axelfontaine or read more about him on his website.